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Aerial Videography Services Give Your Business a New Perspective.

Drone videography quickly went from 'luxury' to 'necessity' in today's digital and graphics-driven world. In an era where graphics do the heavy lifting for the bulk of company outreach, it is a necessity to explore professional aerial videography for your business.

MorLo Aerial Imaging was founded by an FAA Part 61 Commercial Pilot with a B.S. in Aeronautics from Embry Riddle Aeronautical. With 16+ years of industry experience spanning from aviation to sUAS operation, here are all the ways that MorLo Aerial Imaging can help your aerial data acquisition and drone videography efforts.

  • Get the BIG Picture - A view from the air tells an entirely different story from the view on the ground. Invite a fresh new look at your company through stunning aerial videography drone services. Whether for a commercial or for the purposes of a property inspection, drone videography services get the job done.

  • Stand Out From the Crowd - In an era where social media rules the world, make sure that your business can stand out when shared on a screen. Drone services are a fantastic way to catch an eye-popping view of your business.3

  • Save Time & Money - MorLo Aerial Imaging features an efficient and professional system for aerial videography. A single-hour session can get you the footage you need. Book larger packages for more expansive projects, but be sure to request a consultation first!

MorLo Aerial Imaging Offers Professional Drone Services

MorLo Aerial Imaging is proud to offer its services as an aerial data acquisition company owned and operated by US Army Veteran Louis Morales. Almost two decades of experience spanning aviation and sUAS training puts MorLo Aerial Imaging in the position to provide your company with the aerial videography drone services necessary to find success in today's competitive market.

Call or Book Online to enjoy the professional drone services at MorLo Aerial Imaging!

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