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Drone Inspection 101: Make Your Next Inspection a Drone Inspection.

These days drone inspections are are used in almost every industry in existence. Inspections are a key factor in equipment and asset maintenance and preventative care. They ensure safety and can confirm if components are working properly, need repair or replacement, and bring awareness to trouble areas that require your attention. Due to the costliness of standard manual inspections, property and facility managers are turning to a professional drone inspection to accomplish the same tasks for them faster, and safer.

Let's look closer at how a drone inspection can improve your inspection program and reduce risk.

Drone Inspection Services - Key Insights With a Single Flight.

Manual inspections are often arduous and can require an inspector to climb to dangerous heights using scaffolding and harnesses. A properly rendered drone inspection can help clarify potential dangers, identify areas that need to be addressed, reduce overall inspection time, and minimize or eliminate the need to shutdown assets for inspection. More to the point, a drone inspection can unveil some unique benefits for you and your operation.

  • Complete Coverage - Whether MorLo Aerial Imaging is scanning a residential property, a sprawling commercial warehouse, or infrastructure, our drone inspection services can offer complete coverage in a fraction of a time of a manual inspection. Instant high-quality footage and its corresponding information can be acquired with a single flight by a certified Drone operator.

  • Assess Safety Concerns - Are scheduled asset inspections coming up? Our Drone inspections will show you the current condition of your asset or property quickly and safely.
    Have roofing concerns? Roof issues can lead to major repairs and renovation expenses as well as a potential danger for inhabitants if not promptly detected and addressed. A quick bird's eye view of the property will highlight potential problems.

  • Save Money & Stress - Always put in the work necessary to offset potential risk. A drone inspection is an ideal way to save money through preventative measures.

MorLo Aerial Imaging is a veteran-owned, certified reality capture company founded by Louis Morales. Contact Louis today to request a quote!

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