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Enhance Your Business with Reality Capture Services

If your line of work requires you to capture current field conditions as part of the design and construction process, you know all too well it is a manual, tedious process which is frequently analog, and often inaccurate. These inaccuracies often lead to expensive re-work.​

Traditionally, the average workflow is as follows: 

  1. Start with tracing old blueprints into CAD format.

  2. Visit the physical site to confirm onsite conditions match your blueprint and notate any discrepancies.

  3. Find some way to capture complicated and difficult-to-measure objects and details that cannot be easily or accurately recorded.

This old way of doing things is inefficient, inaccurate, inconsistent, and can lead to entire elements of your worksite being missed.

MorLo Aerial Imaging offers a better way to capture existing work site conditions accurately and completely! MorLo Aerial's reality capture services scan the real world using state-of-the-art aerial and terrestrial data capturing platforms providing a 3D model representation of an object, building, or site ready for you to use in your CAD software of choice for analysis and planning.

A Better Way to Work

  • Minimize labor.

  • Save time.

  • Reduce project risk.

  • Detect issues earlier than traditional surveying methods.

  • Architects: Clear view of site restrictions and challenges.

  • Engineers: Be better prepared to handle any issues earlier in your project.

  • Stakeholders: Make better decisions by having access to your site without ever leaving the office.

MorLo Aerial Imaging Offers Professional Reality Capture Services

MorLo Aerial Imaging is proud to offer its aerial and ground-based scanning capabilities as an aerial reality capture company owned and operated by US Army Veteran Louis Morales. Almost two decades of experience spanning aviation, data acquisition, and sUAS training puts MorLo Aerial Imaging in the position to provide your company with the reality capture services necessary to find success in today's evolving digital world.

Call or Book Online to enjoy the professional reality capture services at MorLo Aerial Imaging!

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